The 3 C’s of Farm to School

3 c's of farm to school (2).png

We support a vibrant food experience for students.



Food Connects provides teachers and school administrators with professional development opportunities to enhance and integrate farm to school curriculum in the classroom. Engaging students in Harvest of the Month taste-tests, school gardens, farm visits and cooking from scratch deepens students’ understanding of local food systems



Food Connects provides coaching to food service staff on local procurement and how to more fully integrate farm to schools in cafeterias and increase school meal participation. This past year we saw a 43% increase in local procurement by schools and a 50% increase in school meal participation. Providing access nutritious meals supports student learning and growth.” We want nutritious food to be accessible to all students, that’s why we work with schools to expand federal meal program offerings like Breakfast after the Bell and Free Universal Meals.



Food Connects engages with our local community through school gardens, community taste test and dinners, and events throughout the year. As farm to school programming increases students, teachers, and families become more connected to local farmers—strengthening the local food economy.