Professional Development & Workshops

+ Windham County Farm to School Gathering

Each fall, Food Connects partners with the VT Farm to School Network to host a series of gatherings for farm to school champions across the state. The Windham County gathering will include a keynote speaker, discussion time, resource sharing and more! This event includes dinner catered by a local chef. Join us on October 2 for our 2019 event!

+ Spring Garden Planning Workshops

Each spring, Food Connects hosts a series of workshops for school gardeners. Come with your school’s garden team and hear from local experts about school garden resources and best practices. A majority of the evening will be set aside for planning time with you team, so come prepared to set goals and map out this year’s school garden!

+ School Meal Marketing Training

In a state-wide survey of food service professionals conducted by NOFA VT in fall 2018, respondents identified cafeteria marketing as an area in which they could use additional professional development. In order to address this need, Food Connects has developed a 2-hour training for food service professionals and their farm to school teammates which shares cafeteria marketing resources and best practices. The goal of this training is to better position food service professionals to increase meal participation at their schools and market the great work they are doing to their school community.

Food Connects will utilize the “Top 10 Tips for Increasing School Meal Participation,” a resource which compiles best practices from various sources, such as the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, VT FEED, the School Nutrition Association and more. Participants will develop a marketing plan during this training.

+ Let's Grow Together

Read more about the events on our Let's Grow Together page.