Producer Spotlight: Abenaki Springs Farm

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Abenaki Springs Farm started in 1997. Focusing on diversity and aerodynamic principles, the farm aims to create healthy, nutrient dense food that can resist disease and pests naturally, stores well, and tastes great. The farm is located in Walpole, NH, just above the old Abenaki Springs, which was once the sacred water supply to the Abenaki Tribe. They grow on high mineral, well drained soil with many natural springs surrounding the farm. They believe this helps attain a more nutrient dense product—in addition to their growing practices which include crop rotation and seasonal diversity.

The farm is currently owned by Bruce Bickford and managed by Kirsten Anderson. Kristen noted that they have different favorite products for different parts of the season. “Our favorite spring crop is bok choy and chinese cabbage. In the summer, we love growing melons, tomatoes, onions, and shallots. In the fall, we love winter squash, potatoes, leeks, and carrots. Each season is fleeting, and we love to savor and appreciate everything we can.”

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To them, local food is paramount and they recognize the importance of small scale farms sustaining their local communities. “It is critical for the community, the economy, the land, and the farmers. We are committed to providing a high quality product grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides for our community.”

Abenaki Springs Farm is new to Food Connects. “We have appreciated the opportunity to broaden our customer base. It gives us the chance to sell items we may not otherwise be able to sell. We're very grateful to have a food hub that is committed to distributing locally grown food!”


Want to be more involved with the farm? Volunteers are always welcome to help weed in the field! A recent study showed that volunteering is the key to happiness. Or you can visit them at the Farmers’ Market of Keene. More details regarding their winter CSAs will be available on their website soon. Additionally they have a PYO flower garden, which is new this year, along with a small roadside farm stand.

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