Food Connects Favorites: The Bread Shed

Food Connects works with so many amazing producers, offering such a wide variety of great products, it is sometimes hard to pick out something new to try. So we are introducing Food Connects Favorites—a blog to highlight some of our staff’s favorite products

Laura’s Favorite: The Bread Shed

Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Ok, I’ll admit it—I have a wicked sweet tooth. I dream of eclairs, die for dark chocolate, and don’t mind having dessert as an appetizer every now and then. But where does my heart lie? The simple, the classic, the chocolate chip cookie. To me, no dessert is more nostalgic or comforting.

Now, like most of you, I’m a pretty busy lady. Baking doesn’t always fit into my schedule and I can be picky about my chocolate chip cookies. So when I heard that one of my favorite local bakeries, The Bread Shed, also made cookies… chocolate chip cookies… I had to give them a try.

Brittany Migneault first opened The Bread Shed in Keene, NH in 2011 and originally only sold to local farmers’ markets. As their popularity grew, they started to connect with restaurants, local stores, and even a pretty cool food hub. The quality of their bread and cookies is outstanding. They have become a popular item at my dining room table.


Ok, ok. Back to the cookies. They are soft and chewy. They have the perfect balance of chocolate and slight buttery-vanilla sweetness. I personally love them warm, but they are really tasty when you add some maple ice cream in between two and stick them in the freezer for the perfect ice cream sandwich. And you can tell that these cookies are made with love.

The Bread Shed’s mixer, and my good friend, Glenn Sibley has worked at The Bread Shed since 2013. Glenn, their doughy Sir Mix A Lot, is in charge of mixing all the doughs for the breads and cookies they create. He prides himself on the quality of products he makes and knowing that he is putting a smile on our faces when we bite into every focaccia loaf or warmed cookie.


“It is so satisfying to know that my work is helping an amazing local company grow,” said Glenn. “We get to make delicious food that we can share with the community, and get to partner with other local businesses. I really love what I do!”

So next time you are looking for a tasty treat from a local producer, look no further than these delectable cookies!

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