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Our vision is for healthy families, thriving farms, and connected communities.

We know farming isn't easy, but farms are vital to our health, to the environment, and to our economy. We work to support our local farmers and value added producers by getting their food to new markets both locally and regionally. This leaves them more time to do what they do best—produce delicious food! 

Just as we support our local farms, we support our local schools. We work to bring children closer to their food and we act as a resource to school communities: teachers, food service professionals, and administrators. 

We are a catalyst for food system change.

We seek to address these challenges through dynamic, responsive, and interrelated programming:

  • Our Farm to School program works to increase the availability of fresh, healthy food in school meals, to create demand from kids for good food, to offer hands-on learning opportunities, and to strengthen the connection between the classroom, cafeteria, and the community. 

  • Our Food Hub makes it easy for busy food service directors from local institutions, like schools and hospitals, to source local food from multiple producers, offering competitive pricing, personalized service, and products they can feel good about. 

We believe that healthy food creates a healthy community.