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Vicuña Chocolate

The Vicuña Chocolate Factory is one of New England's only bean-to-bar chocolate makers that is proudly locally owned and operated. 

Vicuña Chocolate was founded in 2014 and re-opened in July of 2017 by Nate Morison and Casey Goodrich, who both were 17 at the time. Nate, of Peterborough, was excited for another challenge as a young entrepreneur and teamed up with his friend Casey Goodrich, of Hancock, to own and grow a fabulous local enterprise. Eager to involve family, the venture has grown to involve Nate's parents, uncle, and sister as well as Casey's parents—making for a true family business.

We believe in providing the highest quality, most pure chocolate experience to our customers. Founder Neely Cohen opened The Vicuña Chocolate Factory in 2014 and developed her own recipe for seriously good bean-to-bar chocolate, requiring only two simple ingredients; raw cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. Vicuña Chocolate proudly sources the finest heirloom cacao beans from Central and South America. Our cacao is ethically sourced, with some of our origins bearing Fair Trade and Organic certifications.

Casey Goodrich and Nate Morison look forward to growing the business further and continuing to make some of New England's finest artisanal chocolate locally in Peterborough, New Hampshire.