Tracie’s Community Farm, LLC

Fitzwilliam, NH

In 1999, Tracie Loock started growing vegetables in Sullivan, NH on her father’s land while studying Environmental Horticulture at UNH to get hands-on experience. In November of 2007 she found a land opportunity in Fitzwilliam. With the help of family and friends, all of the farm's supplies, greenhouses, and perennials were moved to Fitzwilliam within a week of signing a purchase and sale agreement. The land was prepared for the following season, the greenhouses were erected and we began to harvest pines on the property where the barn was to be built. 

Since then they’ve continued to feed families, through more seasons vegetables, herbs, and fruits grown with love and without the use of pesticides or chemicals. They use row covers to prevent pests and increase warmth, crop rotations to disturb pest and disease cycles as well as balance nutrient uses, cover crops to prevent soil erosion, capture nutrients, and harvest nutrients and organic matter, and compost and other organic fertilizers to feed our soil not only nutrients but life.