“The increased freezer capacity at Food Connects will support small businesses like mine to scale up without having to invest in expensive equipment right off the bat.”

- Linda Rubin, President/Owner, Frisky Cow Farm Products, Inc.

"Food Connects aligns with VT Dinner's mission so well because of our mutual focus on local sourcing and supporting local producers. We are proud to be a part of their distribution offerings as well as customers of it! As a locally-sourced frozen food producer I am always on the look out for additional freezer space. Additional freezer storage opportunities would allow for increased production of our goods—the more we can make at one time the more cost effective our production becomes. Freezer and cooler space is a very limited and yet very needed resource. Additional cooler/freezer storage would be a huge benefit to local ready-made producers."

- Natalie Pelham, Owner, VT Dinners



“Food Connects has proven itself as a food system leader, especially through innovation to support farmers in gaining easier access to new markets. As part of our Farm to Market Initiative, the High Meadows Fund has made a commitment to Food Connects' capital campaign for a new cooler and freezer. We hope others will come together to match our contribution of $75,000. Our new initiative is supporting established food hubs like Food Connects, as well as food hub collaboration throughout Vermont.”

- Gaye Symington, President, High Meadows Fund