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Sugar Bob's Finest Kind

Rutland, VT

Founded in 2014 by Jackson Whelan and Lenny Montuori, VMC’s flagship hot sauce – Vermont Maple Sriracha – has become one of the region’s most popular specialty foods. The company’s product line includes several hot sauces, as well as roasted cashews and peanuts. Occupying 2500 square feet at the Vermont Farmers Food Center in downtown Rutland, VMC recently completed construction of a production  kitchen, with bottling and packaging capabilities.

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind is run by Rob Hausslein, of Londonderry, Vermont, and Andrea Ogden, of Landgrove, Vermont. They, along with their respective families, have been sugaring together for years and are originators of their own flagship product, Smoked Maple Syrup. “We’re very excited to be taking over where VMC left off in Rutland,” said Hausslein. “It’s a great fit, and our prior collaborations have proven that Vermont Maple Sriracha + Sugar Bob’s Smoked Maple Syrup is a winning combination. We’re able to keep the existing staff working seamlessly through the transition, and the kitchen that VMC built here is going to be a tremendous asset to our growing maple syrup business. We see synergy at all levels in this deal, and look forward to the creative opportunities that lay ahead.”