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Homestead Farms

Walpole, NH

Homestead Farms is a family owned and operated farmstand. The farm is located along the majestic Connecticut River in the historic town of Walpole, New Hampshire.  In 1987, Dale and Colleen Hubbard and their young family started planting their first Christmas trees. In 1992 they built a small structure to sell their own fresh vegetables. As the family grew, so did the farm. In 1997, the existing farmstand was built and now serves as a produce stand with a small kitchen. The stand sits on 40 acres of rolling cultivated fields of fresh vegetables and Christmas trees. 

The Hubbard's family roots run deep in Walpole. Their ancestors first settled in Walpole in the 1700's. Through the years, each generation enjoyed working the land, and this love for the outdoors and self-sufficiency has been passed down through generations. Dale's love for farming has now spread to his children, as all of them have spent much of their young lives on the farm. Though some of the family has chosen to follow other career paths, several family members still run the farm as it continues to grow and evolve.  

Homestead Farms provides the area with a wide variety of fresh produce, pick-your-own-berries, Christmas Trees and homemade baked goods. The farmstand is filled with locally made products that are available all season. Click on our seasonal links above to learn more about what each season at Homestead Farms has to offer.