Food Connects Favorites: Liebe Bavarian Style Quark

Food Connects works with so many amazing producers, offering such a wide variety of great products, it is sometimes hard to pick out something new to try. So we are introducing Food Connects Favorites—a blog to highlight some of our staff’s favorite products.




It’s back to school time for schools across the U.S. We see yogurts galore flying off the shelves and filling up the lunchboxes of students heading back to school. They’re even great for a mid-work snack. So why don’t you try something different and have some Liebe Bavarian Style Quark produced by Commonwealth Dairy, or more commonly known as Green Mountain Creamery, located in Brattleboro, VT.

What I love about this product not only taste great, but it great for you. It is rich in proteins and probiotics and has limited sugar and no artificial colors or flavors. This particular product contains two types of healthy bacteria that are great for you, unlike traditional yogurts that contain one.

If the healthy bit doesn’t convince you, the flavor will. It’s sweet, creamy, and hits the spot. If you like Greek yogurt I would recommend you try Liebe. It’s very similar to Greek yogurt but is thicker and creamier—it kind of reminds me of a cheesecake that you don’t have to feel guilty eating for breakfast.

I am a busy lady, always on the go and this product helps me keep up with that life-style. It’s great on the go breakfast item for me. I usually will just eat it as is or add it into my morning smoothies. This product has become a delicious part of my morning routine.

Shop our online market today to order your quark!

Meet Our New Operations Coordinator—Scott Berzofsky


Food Connects extends a warm welcome to Scott Berzofsky, our new Food Hub Operations Coordinator. Residing in Putney, VT, Scott has worked to promote food justice and support local food systems for over a decade, most recently as the co-owner of Avenue Grocery in Brattleboro.

From 2007 to 2010, Scott helped found a community garden on a vacant lot in East Baltimore; By leveraging grant funding and grass-roots organizing, they engaged community members in the initiative so that it grew to be self-sustaining. Scott also worked on Calvert’s Gift Farm, a small organic farm in Baltimore County as part of a program through the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension focused on apprenticing younger generations.

At his core, Scott is an artist, organizer, and educator. He taught courses in the Sustainability & Social Practice Concentration at the Maryland Institute College of Art and holds a Master of Science in Art, Culture, and Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Scott recognizes the intersection of the arts and food. “Both are about aesthetics—our senses. And how we experience the world,” says Scott. “Food is the way most people connect to the natural world and local food systems are critical for creating healthy and sustainable communities. I’m excited to work at Food Connects to help build a strong local food system and increase food justice and access to healthy food.”

“We are so psyched to have Scott on board,” says McKenna, Food Hub Operations Manager. “Scott brings with him many meaningful relationships with local farmers, producers, and customers in our region. Coupled with his passion for social justice and local food systems, I know he is a valuable asset to our team.”

So what are Scott’s fun facts? He and his partner have a newborn, he loves Vietnamese food and all the amazing Mexican restaurants in the Brattleboro area, and fondly remembers spending Christmases with his Norwegian grandmother dancing and singing around a Christmas tree in the center of the living room. Welcome Scott!

Meet Our New Sales Manager—Julicia!

Julicia 4.jpg

Food Connects is excited to welcome Julicia Myers to our team as our new Food Hub Sales Manager. She joins Food Connects from Canajoharie, NY where she worked with farmers in Montgomery County as the Agricultural Economic Development Program Coordinator.

Julicia grew up on a dairy farm in New York state. It was never a dull moment. Her family raised a herd of registered Jersey and Holstein cattle and she took care of baby animals or had milking shifts when she was older. Aside from farm chores, Julicia participated in 4-H, Dairy Promotions Program, and Future Farmers of America.


Nurtured at an early age, her passion for farming and agriculture lead her to SUNY Cobleskill where she received her Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Business Management. She knew she didn’t want to run a farm but still wanted to help farmers make their businesses more sustainable, diversify their offerings, and grow their markets.

“I am excited to start at Food Connects,” said Julicia. “The idea of a local food distribution organization is exciting. Local purchasing keeps local dollars in the local economy.” Not only is her passion for local food evident but she brings a strong skill set of economic development and marketing tools that will help our local producers thrive.

Julicia 3.jpg

Julicia brings her passion for local food home with her every day. She and her husband are homesteaders, owning a small herd of Herefords, broiler chickens, and egg-laying hens. In her spare time she is training her border collie, Ringo, to herd the chickens and ultimately sheep. Her recent honeymoon took her to Seattle and Alaska where she was able to take in the positive vibe and tasty treats of the West-Coast local food movement and the mind-blowing beauty of the mountains in Juneau.

But what she really loves? Getting together with family around the holidays. “We have a huge meal, where everyone comes together and reconnects. Food is the thing that brings people back together.”