Dutton Berry Farm

Newfane, VT

Paul Dutton grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Windham, Vermont. After graduating from high school, he ventured from home to attend the University of Vermont to study Agriculture. After college, he traveled to Michigan where he received 4 years of experience working on berry farms. It wasn’t long before he knew that berry farming was what he wanted to do.

In 1982, he moved back home to Vermont, where he married Wendy. Together they bought land and a home in Brookline and began growing strawberries. In 1983, they rented a small farm-stand in Townshend, selling berries and veggies. After 4 successful years at that small stand, Paul and Wendy decided it was time to upgrade.

Newfane is where they bought their first real Dutton Berry Farm stand which is still there today! Their passion for agriculture only got stronger and in 1990, the Dutton’s bought their first apple orchard in West Brattleboro.

Soon their reputation began to spread and they became a member of the Farmer’s Market in Manchester, Vermont selling their produce to locals and non-locals that were just passing by. Business continued to grow and things really took off, allowing them to buy the stand in Manchester in 1993.