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Commonwealth Dairy 

Brattleboro, VT

Several years ago our company founders embarked on a mission to make a Greek yogurt that everyone could love. They wanted to capture all the nutritional power that folks had come to expect from Greek yogurt, but make it milder, creamier and more affordable... down-to-earth, just like their native New England.

So, what makes our Greek yogurt "Vermont style"?

You might say it’s in our culture. We use a unique blend of probiotic cultures and carefully monitor each batch to ensure it tastes just right. You can’t rush it, it takes the perfect amount of time. It took us over a year and countless tries to get to the perfect mild, creamy recipe people love. We believe you will like it is as much as we do.

Vermont style Skyr

We love our devoted Greek yogurt fans, but what about folks who may be looking for a thicker, creamier yogurt still packed with protein? For you we’ve created an Icelandic style Skyr.

After some trial and error and of course, engaging our culture, we are happy to introduce our Vermont style Skyr, thick and creamy, mild in flavor. We kept it affordable, down-to-earth, just like our native New England.