Chappelle's Vermont Potatoes

Williamstown, VT

When you think of "pick-your-own," what comes to mind? Apples? Berries? Pumpkins? How about potatoes? You heard right—potatoes. Chappelle's Potato Farm has its roots in the pick-your-own business. When Bob and Barbara Chappelle first opened the farm in 1975, it started out as a part-time job on a small 3-acre plot of land where customers would fully harvest their own crop.

Now, over 40 years later, the farm resides on over 120 acres and primarily sells over 18 varieties of potatoes to wholesale purchasers. Rotating their crop to a different 50 acres each year, they produce over 1.5 million potatoes annually. The Chappelle’s still pay homage to their humble roots with an annual pick-your-own day where customers reach down to harvest their potatoes for the winter.