Archway Farm  

Keene, NH

The property – We acquired the property in 2014, it is 80 acres of fields and woods on both sides on Arch Street.  

The history - Known in Keene as the Hathorn property, it was in one family for generations, ending with the Hathorn sisters.  Many years ago the property was a dairy farm, more recently the fields were hayed to keep them open. The house and the barns date back to the late 18th century.

Meat you can feel good about buying

Humanely Raised – our farm is Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) by A Greener World.  AWA has come to be the most highly regarded food label when it comes to animal welfare, pasture-based farming, and sustainability.

Taste the Difference – heritage breed animals grow slower and have more marbling in the meat, making it taste better

Buy Local – buying from a local farm helps preserve the region’s rural character and strengthens the local economy

Our Pigs

The Herd - We have around 10 breeder sows and boars plus piglets, growers, and finishers.  They are a mix of heritage breeds including Tamworth, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Berkshire, and Chester White; breeds known for their flavor as well as ability to forage.

Pasture Raised - Our pigs are raised outside in small groups year round. They are always able to root, graze, and roll in the mud.  We believe healthy, active pigs are happy pigs - and produce better quality pork.

Quality Feed - e feed our pigs a healthy varied diet of pasture based forage, locally grown non-gmo corn and soy, vegetable scraps, and bread products.  We do not use routine antibiotics or hormones to enhance growth.